Executive Search

Executive Search

Never before has the profitability and success of an organization been so dependent on industrious and inspirational leadership. Maintaining a strong bottom-line clearly requires leadership professionals who are more strategic and business savvy than ever before. Finding and retaining those key professionals…the professionals who will be at the very heart of your business… can be a very challenging and time consuming task.

Our clients benefit from the most advanced, proactive and industrious talent acquisition and staff development strategies available in today’s marketplace. This enables our clients to remain focused on their core business activities and have the greatest potential to prosper and capitalize on key market opportunities as they arise.

Business peopleEach part of the Yorkbridge Group executive search recruitment process is customized for our clients. This includes everything from our initial consultation and creation of a search plan to candidate sourcing, assessing, interviewing and reference checking. Our customized process ensures that only the candidates most compatible with not only the open position, but also the client’s company and culture are identified.

We know that top performers not actively seeking new employment can be a challenge to recruit. Our staff of experienced specialists utilizes industry-leading methodologies and innovative technologies to access the most sought-after professionals in the marketplace. Similarly, we are well-versed in the counseling and negotiation that attracting passive candidates requires.

Getting it Right

Not all insights into a candidate’s suitability can be gained from a resume and competency-based interview.

It’s often the intangibles that really make the difference in determining whether or not you acquire the right talent for your organization. The true cost of a hiring mistake is enormous…this makes it even more important to ensure that your search and recruitment partner has the hands-on experience to really understand the challenges associated with your market sector. Each of our specialists has achieved high levels of success as a senior manager, business owner, sales professional or marketing executive. They have the practical experience, contacts and insight to ensure that you end up with the right fit for your specific culture and organizational structure.

Business sunsetAttracting and recruiting good talent is just the start. We can offer our clients value-added guidance to help them create and maintain world-class working environments that will attract, develop and keep the very best.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you more detailed information regarding our services and to customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us, or submit an online request form.